Faculty and Departments: The institution has well equipped 14 departments with devoted and dedicated team of faculty members with distinguished academic record along with teaching, professional experience and headed by the Principal.


The College possesses well equipped laboratory with modern equipments as per CCIM norms and helpful to conduct experiments as required for pursuing the course. The laboratory is open for the students in college hours under the observation of a lab technician. The laboratory is also open for public to diagnose their problems accurately by taking minimum charges. We have X-ray, ECG, USG, blood test and other facilities.


The institution also has an Audio visual room for the use of Inter Departmental seminars, Guest lectures etc. computer and projectors are available.


We offer a wide variety of medicines in accordance with ayurveda treatments. Genuine and branded ayurvedic medicines are well stocked at our pharmacy store. The patients staying with us will have access to the medications they need. We also prepare medicines based on requirement of patients.


The institution has a big auditorium. The auditorium is also used for conducting seminars and guest lectures organized by the students and the faculty. Every year sports and cultural events take place here where the students are given an opportunity to showcase their talents.


The lecture halls are well ventilated with all necessary fittings and furniture as per CCIM norms for conducting lectures without any disturbance. Our classrooms provide most conductive atmosphere for dynamic & focused discussions.

Class room is the most important place for any school or college where transfer of knowledge will be carried out. We have scientifically planned class rooms amid nature facilitate calm, peace and concentration oriented facilitation of theory classes successfully. all Classroom are equiped with projectors.


Herbal garden is situated in the college campus in an area of 4850 Sq. Mt with drip irrigation and has a collection of 250 varieties of herbs, shrubs, and rare plants.


Dissection hall is well ventilated and spacious with sufficient cadavers to learn Human Anatomy.


All the museums like Anatomy, Dravyaguna, etc. are equipped with essential materials, charts , models, specimens and preserved goods as per CCIM norms.


College has 2 own buses to provide transportation to students.