Messages : Motto of Anathasevashrama

"A Saint dedicated for the service of human race. Left home at his teens in search of god. Wandered throughout India and found God in the services of Mankind".

List of institutions run by Anathasevashrma Trust - Malladihalli:

   Sri. Raghavendra Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital – Malladihalli.
   Sri. Raghavendra Gurukula Vidyapeetha – Malladihalli.
   National High School - Malladihalli.
   Pre – University college - Malladihalli.
   Sri Raghavendra Industrial Training Institute – Malladihalli.
   SSBED.Ed College – Malladihalli.
   Centenary college of Physical Education – malladihalli.
   Sri Raghavendra B.Ed College of Education.
   Sri Arunodaya High School Dummi.
   Sri Veeranjeneya High School – Shettihalli.
   Sri Laxmiranganatha High school –Devarahalli.
   Sri Raghavendra gurukula vidyapeeta Devarahalli. (Davanageri Dist)
   Sri Raghavendra Gurukula vidyapeeth Independent Pre University College of Mysore.
   Sameera D.Ed. College Mysore.


Traditional System of Medicine has taken major role in health care delivery system. Ayurveda stand first among them. Over the last few decades, popularity of Ayurveda has increased several folds not only in India but abroad as well. More than 200 Universities throughout the world are now running the courses of Ayurveda. Ayurveda not only deals with preventive aspect of health but also curative aspect of diseases, with many folds oftreatment modalities including Panchakarma for removal of diseases in its root. The unique parasurgical procedures has got most popularity in so many incurable and chronic diseases. As a Principal of Sri. Raghavendra Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital – Malladihalli. , I would say that students and learners of Ayurveda has the bright career prospect and surely a part for ensuring Health for all.

Dr.Sripathi.N.E. MD Ayu