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Sri. B. Raghavendra Rao who later became Raghavendra Swamiji was wandering through the coastal and rural areas of middle Karnataka, conduction a number of camps of 41 days for the youth to impart training in yoga and in values of life. In January 1943 during his philanthropic journey he came over to malladihalli and conducted the training camp here. He had just wound up the camp, there was an out break of cholera in the village. He who had learnt Ayurveda from renowned Ayurveda Pundit, Laxman Baba of Karachi, now in Pakistan, plunged into service of victims of cholera. He visited each house in the village and treated the victims of cholera. He did not just advise the people on the right way of living but he himself took to act. He threw away the stale food in the kitchens and convinced the people to eat fresh hot food only. He saved hundreds of lives and conquered the hearts of the people. It is no wonder the people of the village prostrated before him and begged him to stay permanently there and to bless them. Under such affectionate persuasion, being kind and benevolent, he could not but decide to stay permanently there. With the small charity of the village people, he established an humble ashrama by name Anathasevashrma on the day of Mahashivaratri in 1943. Sri Suryanarayana Rao, A teacher in local Govt Primary School, was immensely impressed by the personality of Sri Raghavendra Swamiji joined him as his disciple. He was renamed by his guru as Surudasji(founder secretary). The due then started to build the great Anathasevashrama with the help of the begging bowl of Sri Raghavendra Swamiji. His begging bowl really worker as “Akshaya Pathra”.

Sri Raghavendra Swamiji was trained in yoga and physical exercises by Prof. Rajaratna Manik Rai of Baroda, and he had a B.P.E.Degree. It is obvious that he took to impart yoga education to the youth as the first and foremost important activity of Anathasevashrama. He started pathanjala Mula Yoga Tarabeti Shibira (Yoga training Camp) in the year 1953.

As the second priority swamiji took up ayurveda to treat poor people of rural area who were suffering from various chronic ailments. He was versatile ayurveda pandith and his expertise in Nadis and preparation of herbal medicines is exemplary. He was specialized in the treatment of Respiratory ailments, skin dieses, paralysis and infertility etc. He built a huge hospital complex Dhanvantari sankirna. In 1950. which now Dhanvantari sankirnas Sri Raghavendra Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital and a Pharmacy unit since 2006-07.

Considering his yeomen service in the field of Ayurveda medicine Karnataka Government honoured him with the title of “ Abhinava Dhanwantari” for six times.

After the demise of Sri Sri Raghavendra swamiji and Sri Surudasji, Anathasevashrama got the holy leadership of Sri Dr.Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru, the holy pontiff of Sri Murugharajendra Brihanmut of Chitradurga as the President of the Anathasevashrama Trust. Sri sharanaru is also an unique swamiji who is blending social reform and spirtual development of the individual. The well being of the whole society on the basis of social ethics and compassion is the special route devised by Sri sharanaru. This route is the same as that of Sri Raghavendra swamiji.

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